Virgin Deflowerer

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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How to deflower a virgin

How to deflower a virgin.

1. Wait until one is stupid enough to advertise it in a blog.
2. Secure a meeting by appearing genuinely interested in her personality.
3. Pay her lots of compliments.
4. Kiss her then leave.
5. Wait a while before getting in touch again (Treat um mean, keep um keen) but not too long in case she meets someone else.
6. Write her a message saying that you’ve decided not to continue the relationship out of respect.
7. Wait for her to ask you to reconsider.
8. Make it seem like sex is her idea.
9. Shag her senseless.

She was sweet but I have no intention of seeing her again. Harsh, but what should she expect if she’s gonna offer herself like that?